Georgia Alexandra

Georgia Alexandra combines the most beautiful gemstones with precious metals to create her enduring fine jewelry collection. Guided by the raw beauty of nature, milestones in her clients lives and a vivid decade as a fashion stylist in the world of Vogue, Georgia looks to the subtle nuances of daily life against the edgy backdrop of New York City for inspiration in creating fine jewelry that embraces it’s collectors. Each piece has a story to tell, weather it be a child’s drawing brought to life or a visit to the ballet preserved in its delicate form. Always meticulously handcrafted in New York City’s iconic Diamond District with hand selected, responsibly sourced diamonds, metals and gems.

As a New York based fashion stylist, Georgia Alexandra has contributed to magazines such as VOGUE Brazil, VOGUE Russia, ELLE Greece, Vanity Fair Italy, Harper’s Bazaar en Espanol, New York Magazine, People and Surface to name a few.  She was part of the founding team that launched VOGUE magazine in Greece. Over the last 19 years she has also lent her unique vision and insight to consult numerous e-commerce, fashion and accessory brands, produced runway shows and commercial photo shoots.

Creating legacies with beauty and impact, our partnership and collaborations with these organizations drive our commitment and message to raise awareness and engage the world with positive change: Debra of America, The Washington Ballet, BCRF, The Weekday School, The ALS Association, The Hellenic Initiative, The Bankstreet School, The Lowline, The New York Women’s Foundation.