Georgia Alexandra

DIY Bracelet Set: Autumn/Winter

Price: $396.00

DIY Bracelet Set: Autumn/Winter

Price: $396.00

Live creative workshops taught by our founder – Georgia Alexandra. Join her and fellow jewelry enthusiasts to socialize, relax and learn the art of handmade fine jewelry, starting with bead bracelets.

Step 1: Select from a large variety of beads, strands, gold chains and charms, all hand picked or created exclusively by Georgia. Once your order is placed, we will contact you to confirm your bead selection.

Step 2: Together we will discover the “process and art” of bead pairing, color palettes and bracelet layering.

Step 3: You are invited to join the virtual class! It will be an hour long calming distraction, developing an intimate bond with your beads and charms to create one of a kind treasures.

Each set includes your choice of beads for one bracelet, colorful silk or linen strands, custom options such as solid gold bead accents, gold links chain, charms or hand crafted glass beads (some sold separately).

Classes are limited to 5 participants to allow for an intimate setting and one on one experience with Georgia.

Beads currently available: pink opal, moonstone, jade, aquamarine, beryl, imperial topaz, opal, sapphire, amazonite, rose quartz, rubies, heishi, shell, crushed opal glass.

As an impactful fine jewelry brand, 5% of the proceeds from each set will be donated to partner organizations that bring positive change or towards the Jewelry with Impact Foundation (details to come soon). Let us know if you are passionate about a particular social giving or foundation.