Georgia Alexandra

Pink Diamond Earrings

Price: $7,640.00

Pink Diamond Earrings

Price: $7,640.00

Exquisite Pink, Rose and Princess Cut Diamonds align in a magnetic formation. Set in 18k white gold and topped with a single Rose Gold Wrapped Emerald Cut Diamond this is a one of a kind pair.

Rose Gold Wrapped Emerald Cut Diamonds can be detached and worn as a pair of stud earrings.

Length: 3 inches.

For pierced ears.

Because the gemstones used are one of a kind, natural variances may occur adding to their uniqueness and beauty.

Only one pair available. Made in New York City’s iconic Diamond District.

We are honored to support Every Mother Counts  When you make a purchase during April and May we will donate $75 directly to EMC, a maternal health organization working to make pregnancy and childbirth safe, equitable and respectful for every mother, everywhere.